Release Notes

  • Post-Release Fixes

    Since the latest release (9.26.23) a variety of fixes and features have been implemented.

  • Release Notes 9.26.23

    A variety of new features have been implemented, including the profile content type.

    Overhead shot of the Woolsey Hall marble staircase
  • Release Notes 7.31.23

    We’ve made numerous fixes to the platform, including accessibility and display improvements.

    The dome of Woolsey Hall behind delicate tree branches adorned with spring buds
  • Release Notes 6.29.23

    We’ve added Soundcloud embed as well as a number of fixes in this latest release. 

    Handsom Dan on Campus
  • Release Notes 6.8.23

    We’ve introduced BugHerd—a feedback tool— to all sandbox sites.

    The gothic windows of Branford peek through tree branches
  • Release Notes 5.25.23

    We’ve added multiple features and fixed several bugs in this lastest release. 

    A collection of sculptures from the ancient Mediterranean world on display in the Yale University Art Gallery
  • Release Notes 5.8.23

    We released Layout Builder—a powerful site building tool— to the YaleSites platform. 

    decorative sterling


  • A YaleSites Review

    Delve into our curated collection of Community Spotlights and tips, tricks, and feature highlights to take your YaleSite to the next level.

    The weathervane atop Berkeley College
  • Community Spotlight: Indigenous Leaders at Yale

    Discover how the Indigenous Leaders at Yale used Theme Settings and the Mega Footer to give their site a distinct visual identity.

    the indigenous leaders of yale
  • Community Spotlight: Enterprise Monitoring

    Learn how Enterprise Monitoring used the Mega Menu to organize a robust collection of subpages, helping visitors navigate with ease.

    introducing the platform of Performance Management Solutions
  • Working with images in YaleSites

    Learn which image dimensions work best in the Blocks and tactics for adapting when you only have access to a low-resolution image.

    the aspect ratios used on yalesites
  • Community Spotlight: Yale Visitor Center

    This week, we’re featuring the newly launched Yale Visitor Center site, which helps visitors plan the perfect trip to campus and its surroundings.

    Yale's bulldog mascot Handsome Dan smiling from inside his doghouse in the visitor center
  • Make the most of your YaleSite

    Whether starting from scratch or rebuilding an existing site, our guide will help you make the most of your YaleSite.

    wrought iron of sillman college gate
  • Community Spotlight: Yale-United Way Campaign

    Our new series highlights our community of creators, dives into platform features, and provides tips and tricks for making the most of your YaleSite.

    engagement takes center stage on the new United Way website
  • Introducing Editoria11y

    YaleSites now includes Editoria11y, a tool built by our peers at Princeton, to identify potential content issues.

    Yale and Princeton - 1896 Souvenir Illustration
  • Status Updates on Your Yale

    Find status YaleSites status updates hosted on Your Yale. View additional ITS updates at Your Yale too!

    A collection of sculptures from the ancient Mediterranean world on display in the Yale University Art Gallery