Site Request Forms

Request a YaleSite

If you’re in need of a new website, the “Request a YaleSite” form on the Yale IT Service Portal will collect some basic information about your website requirements so that a new site can be created for you.

Go-Live Request

A newly-created site will still be in its development, or “dev” state: not findable on the internet and is not indexed by search engines, which provides a private place to build your new site. When work on your development site is complete and you are ready to make your site public, you can submit a “Go-Live” request.

Refresh my YaleSite

Request a refresh of your site to copy the state of your production (live) site onto your development site. This may be necessary if you are planning to conduct large-scale content updates on your dev site before publishing via a go-live request.

Delete my YaleSite

If your YaleSite no longer needs a visible online presence, you can request for it to be deleted. For example, maybe your site was never completed, was abandoned, was consolidated, or is longer necessary. The YaleSites team saves all files, the codebase, and the website’s database in case there is a reason to bring the site back online in the future.