Release Notes 7.31.23

Monday, July 31, 2023

What’s changed?  

A variety of new fixes and improvements to the platform have been added.  

Fixes and Improvements


  • Improved ARIA roles and tabbing interactions in Interactive Media block    

  • Remediated Accordion empty heading error 


  • Fixed alignment of Quote block attribution    

  • Resolved Twitter embed display in Chrome/Firefox    

  • Center-aligned Embeds in Posts pages  

  • Banner overlay display made solid in mobile/tablet view    

  • Content Spotlight bottom border no longer creates display issues    

  • Increased the Site Name font size in mobile view    

  • Grand Hero play/pause button in mobile/tablet view now has a border around the button  

  • Centered navigation drop-down alignment fixes    

  • Interactive media grid now works when a non-interactive media grid is on the same page  

  • Remove controls when one Accordion is on the page  

Authoring Experience       

  • Block picker now displays items in three rows    

  • Added favicon to sites  

WYSIWYG Editor  

  • Users can now add and edit tables in the text editor  


  • Updated to Drush 11    

  • Switch CI Scripts to use Drush deploy