Release Notes 6.29.23

Thursday, June 29, 2023

What’s changed

One new feature has been added, as well as numerous platform fixes.


  • Soundcloud Embed: Add tracks in classic display. For accessibility, autoplay is disabled.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Link and font display fixes:
    • Updated the font weight of the utility nav text to match the primary nav.
    • Fixed the heading color for headings in the content area of the Tabs block.
    • Added an underline animation to the caption links for Image and Wrapped image blocks.
    • Removed hover interaction with tables
  • Navigation fixes:
    • Menu levers not updating: Fixes a bug when changing the Navigation Type in the theme settings panel and saving the settings, the menu would not change until the cache was cleared. Now, when changing the Navigation Type and saving the settings, the change is immediate.
    • Updated the default settings to use the basic navigation on a new site instead of the mega menu.
  • Alert Settings fixes:
    • Adds 255 hard character limit to alert description
    • Swaps link text and link URL fields to match established order elsewhere on the site
    • Changes alert copy for enabling alert
  • Alert front-end display: Allows banner height to grow with content.
  • Search fixes:
    • Fixes bug where no results text wasn’t showing properly.
    • No results text will now show if search terms are entered and no results are found.
    • New search text will now show if no search terms are entered. (i.e. on /search with no keywords query parameter)
    • Search accessibility issues resolved: Duplicate IDs and empty label are not resolved.
  • Media:
    • Fixed bug where you could add multiple images in media item field
  • Gallery Block:
    • Fixed the error when duplicating gallery paragraphs.
    • Fixed the link hover style for media gallery to display as a shade of gray in Drupal.
    • Fixed X getting cut off in Safari
  • Layout Builder:
    • Improved spacing between blocks.
    • Pencil Icon improvements - Larger icon, left position
  • Improved multiple front-end layout margin and padding issues
    • banners are now flush to site header
    • fixed paragraph spacing on wrapped image block
    • fixed font spacing on mobile
    • fixed an issue with media grid that would have different heights
    • fixed an issue where blocks would be too close to the footer
    • fixed a padding issue with the banner CTA being too close to the banner content
  • Other:
    • Display date for posts should now be publish date not creation date
    • Fixed event title display bug
    • Fixed admin menu rollover color bug