Introducing Editoria11y

By YaleSites | Monday, June 5, 2023

As noted, YaleSites’ blocks were carefully designed to be in compliance with federal standards, reinforcing the university’s commitment to diversity. While the blocks are accessible by default, issues can still arise if creators introduce unintentional barriers to access.

For this reason, YaleSites incorporated Editoria11y, a tool designed by Princeton to assist you by identifying potential issues with your content. After saving your page, the Editora11y accessibility checker will analyze your content and provide suggestions for improvements.

The most common issues introduced by content creators include:

  • Neglecting to provide alternative text (“alt text”) for images.
  • Using vague and uninformative link text, such as “click here.”
  • Applying headings out of order or neglecting to include headings.
  • Adding tables without including headers.

While Editora11y will catch these errors and guide you through correcting any mistakes, the best way to ensure your content is accessible is to learn about web accessibility best practices, so you can head off problems before they arise.

Review our accessibility best practice articles to learn more about how you can help ensure Yale fulfills its commitment to providing equal access to all individuals.