Continued Drupal 7 Support Plan

Drupal 7 will be retired in the fall of 2023. YaleSites will support the newest version of Drupal beginning in the fall of 2023.

There is a plan in place for websites that do not immediately upgrade to the new platform.

Drupal 7 retirement details:

  • YaleSites has partnered with service providers who will offer ongoing web hosting and security for Drupal 7 sites that require continued support.
  • Support tickets will be addressed, although updated Drupal websites will take priority.
  • Drupal 7 resources¬†will remain available.
  • New code enhancements will not be available for Drupal 7 sites.
  • Once Drupal 7 is retired, all new sites will be built on the newest version of Drupal.

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