Working with a Vendor

Depending on the scope of your project and budget available, a vendor can provide anything from development support to full-service web design and content strategy support.

Vendors will also be given access to a documentation site that will help them understand how to build on the platform.

Vendor-Supported Pathway Video

Writing an RFP

Yale’s Procurement Office can help you write an RFP (Request for Proposals), and the YaleSites team is happy to review it before you send it out for vendor bids. Your RFP should capture the services you are expecting the vendor to provide, and YaleSites and the Procurement Office can assist you with budget planning.

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What to include in your RFP:

  • Priorities for your migration/redesign
  • History and current state of your website
  • Any notable integrations or special considerations or functionality
  • Design considerations
  • Desired timeline and budget
  • Information about the project team, business goals, key website audiences, and web governance (i.e. how you manage access and updates to your website)
  • Accessibility requirements

What you should do to prepare for a redesign

Selecting a vendor is only one part of a website redesign, and the steps you take to prepare for your site rebuild before and during the process will ensure a smooth transition. Some vendors may assist with parts of this process (for a fee), but ultimately, you and your stakeholders will need to know what you want in the new site.

Assemble your project team

  • Designate a project manager to oversee the vendor relationship. This main point of contact will be responsible for compiling feedback in a timely manner and facilitating deliverable approvals.
  • Identify core stakeholders who will be responsible for review and sign-off
  • Make sure your project team includes a resource from IT for technical coordination, which is likely someone from YaleSites
  • Identify content writers for any content that needs to be developed, adapted, or rewritten
  • Prepare staffing resources for the rebuild effort

Make a content plan

Your new or rebuilt website will require content editing and new content development by your team. Managing the content effort will be an important part of keeping your project on track.

Your vendor contract may involve the following services:

  • Vendor-conducted content audit
  • New information architecture
  • A content matrix, either developed by the vendor or by your team
  • Content strategy, i.e. how to use the pages, templates, and components

Be prepared to work with your vendor to establish desired timelines and any key blackout dates for the site build. You will also want to discuss whether any content, such as news articles or publications, should be migrated to the new site.

Ongoing support services

The YaleSites team will not be providing ongoing maintenance or customization support (beyond platform support, if applicable) for vendor-built sites after they launch. Vendor-built sites will need to enter into an ongoing service agreement with their vendor for changes and customizations to their site. Please contact for information or questions on ongoing service agreements.

    Vendor Support

    The YaleSites team will serve as a liaison between you and the vendor to answer any questions about the platform. 

    Contact YaleSites

    Vendor Selection

    The YaleSites team has developed relationships with a variety of web agencies who are familiar with the Yale brand and the YaleSites platform. We are happy to advise your team on finding a vendor that suits your needs, from design and development to ongoing support.