Supported Build on YaleSites

If your site has been identified for supported build, the YaleSites team and ITS will help you rebuild on the new YaleSites platform.

Supported Build Pathway Video

What is supported build?

The YaleSites team and ITS have identified a select number of sites with a higher degree of complexity going into the rebuild process. These sites do not feature the extensive customization of a vendor-built site, but require an additional level of support in the transition to the upgraded platform.

Before the rebuild process, your site content and structure should be audited to make a plan for the rebuilt site. Even if you are not making significant changes to the site’s structure and content, it may need to be adapted to take advantage of the new platform, as well as for ease of ongoing maintenance.

We expect this to be a collaborative effort between the site owners and editors and the YaleSites team, and once the site has been rebuilt, these sites will continue to be managed and maintained independently by the site owners.

What you need to do to prepare for your supported build

ITS and YaleSites will work with you to schedule your site’s rebuild. For a successful project, we recommend:

  1. Establishing a project team for your site rebuild
  2. Attending trainings
  3. Conducting a content audit on your current site
  4. ​​Revising or making a new sitemap
  5. Building a content matrix to prepare for the content effort
  6. Assigning content development to staff in your department

Process checklist

The following process checklist may be modified depending on the complexity and make-up of the team involved in each individual site rebuild. This process checklist serves as a sample of the steps and responsibilities you might expect in a rebuild.

Action Responsible Parties
Website kickoff meeting with YaleSites team all
Set content delivery date; include any known blackout dates or conflicts affecting project timeline Your web team
Propose project timeline based on delivery date YaleSites team
Content audit Your web team
Sitemap/IA development Your web team
New content creation ​​Your web team
Stakeholder review ​​Your web team
Deliver edits to content submission Official content sign-off designee
Final content delivery to YaleSites ​​Your web team
Confirm/update project timeline YaleSites team
Working draft ready for review on development site YaleSites team or builder
Submit edits to draft. Edits may include changes to existing content and any minor design change requests; all edits to be delivered as a single, compiled document or spreadsheet. ​Your web team
Final draft ready for review YaleSites team or builder
Final corrections to site content, if any, and approval to launch Your web team
Site launch YaleSites team or builder

Ongoing support services

Once the site launches,​ your team will be able to manage and maintain it on your own. We have resources and training materials and offer workshops to help you through all phases of your site’s life, from build to audits and regular maintenance. We also offer ongoing professional development for content writers and editors.

Should your site require additional levels of support or complexity, we are also happy to connect you with a vendor for redesigns and ongoing support services.