YaleSites Training

Various types of YaleSites training are available through the User Experience & Web Technology Web Team and the Learning Center.

YaleSites D7 Information Session
If you would like to learn more about YaleSites and how it can benefit your department/organization, please contact us. Sessions can be setup on an individual basis or for groups within your organization.  Request an information session…

Classroom Training**
Anyone can attend the training sessions providing you have a YaleSite. Registration is required on Yale’s Training Management System (TMS). A variety of topics are available to choose from. 

lynda.com Videos
A leader in online learning, lynda.com provides a comprehensive list of Drupal training to help you get started with your YaleSite. The online subscription is available at no cost to Yale faculty, students and staff.

An official Drupal Group where we can share our knowledge and learn from the experience of other YaleSites within the Yale community. For information on upcoming events, click here.

** You MUST have a YaleSite in Drupal 7 to participate in the hands-on workshop. Additional training will be added as the need arises. Please submit training requests to the YaleSites forum.