Removing file from ckfinder

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General Assistance
Limor Peer

I need to upload an updated version of a file that an “attachment” on this page: .

I clicked “Remove” in the Attchement field and uploaded the new version with the same name. Apparently, the original file was not actually removed since the URL changed. I need the URL to remain the same. Next I tried to delete the original file using the the ckfinder WYSIWYG, but do not see the original or the new file there. Next I cleared the cache, and still can’t see the original or the new file.

Hi Limor,

When you removed the attached file, did you immediately upload the new one without saving the changes? I wonder if that is potentially the cause of the issue. It doesn’t look like that field is required, so it should be possible to remove it entirely, save the change, then edit again to upload a replacement.

Regarding CKeditor, I believe that file attachments through the file field are managed separately than the directory where files uploaded through the WYSIWYG/CKeditor are stored.

Let me know if this was helpful to you, and I’ll continue to assist if needed!