How do I make an existing site to adopt custom design

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Office Hours
Chengcheng Qiu

Hello, I am hoping to use some customed design of webpage for my website ( The site was created using YaleSite Self-Service, I am wondering what should I do to move it to a custom website and if I can talk with you in person during your office hours? Please let me know when would be a good time for us to meet and have this issue tackled soon. I’ve created examples of new webpages on my local computer but I am not sure if they would meet the requirement for creating a custom YaleSite. I hope we may look at them together and talk about next steps when meeting in person. Thanks!


Hi Chengcheng,

What do you mean by custom? Do you want to change the design of the YaleSite or do you not want to use YaleSites? It looks like you’re working with Chao on a refresh, but when that’s completed you can add some CSS to your site if you wish if you just want some styling changes.



Hi Alyssa,

I made some html and css files by myself, and wondered if I can use those instead of the YaleSite template? I see there is a design option called “YaleSite Custom”, and that is what I was hoping to ask about. I hope to meet in person to discuss about this further. 



I’ll ask our team about this scenario and then schedule a meeting.


I’ve waited for more than two weeks to have this to be solved. Please contact me for an appointment as soon as possible at your convenience. I hope to see you by next Thursday the latest. Thanks!