How do I change the look of menu bar

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General Assistance
Chengcheng Qiu

My main menu bar isn’t showing up properly like it should in the template look. I’ve tried changing the appearance but no change has occurred. The letters are very small, underlied, in a unfavored color and font, and are not quite readable. Please help me fix the appearance of the menu bar. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.  

Hi Cheng,

The theme code probably not being refresh correctly, we will need to do a refresh again this will lose any work that you did. Would you like to do this?

Hi Chao Hang,

Thank you very much for helping. Could you be explicit about the work since what time will be lost?  Will it be the work I’ve done since changed to 2016 theme, or the entire? 

The work you will lost since changed to 2016 theme but no worry ill clone this to another environment this way you will compare the work you did before. Would you like me to proceed?

Thank you so much, it sounds great to me! 

Hi Cheng,

Actually, we figured out the issue. The issue was the setting on the main menu was being turned off by someone. Now is being turn on you should be fine now.