Help with the Yale Rotating Feature

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General Assistance
Erin Johnson

Hi Drupal team,

I was trying to add the rotating news/image feature to my site and believe that I followed the instructions here but do not seem to be getting the outcome I hoped for (as featured here and here).

Further searching on YaleSites uncovered this set of instructions for rotating feature so, I’m wondering if I might have just followed an old set of instructions for a previous set of Yale sites themes and, in the process, messed things up?

Can you please help me figure out where I went wrong and set me on the right path?

Thank you!


Dear Erin:

The instructions that you followed for the Rotating Feature here are correct, and that is what your site is currently using.

The 2 sites that you referenced are using the Carousel module for their header images. You will have to enable the Yale Feature Carousel module then add content for it. It will be similar to the Rotating Feature in that its own content type and view will be created automatically once the module is installed.

Let me know if you have any questions!