Error and navigation panel issues

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General Assistance
Sarah Malkowski

We have pages that are nested and would like to display on the left hand side for navigation ease (like in, but it doesn’t show up as such.  (i.e. the page “Action Plan” is nested under “Diversity” but doesn’t show up - we have the same issue with resources, but haven’t nested because of this issue)

Also, in trying to build out the site there is an error shown on each page - 

Notice: Undefined index: system_main in your_yale_taxonomy_vocabularies_preprocess_page() (line 12 of /srv/bindings/208c46a6e7a6443380bdb62a50c221d1/code/sites/all/modules/features/your_yale/your_yale_taxonomy_vocabularies/your_yale_taxonomy_vocabularies.module).

Hi Sarah,

I apologize for the delayed response! I’ll take a look at this today and respond again if I have any questions.



Hi Sarah,

I’m still looking into this, but the second error message is caused by having modules specific to It’s Your Yale enabled. It might not be possible to manually disable those, so I’m having a colleague take a look.

I was able to get these modules disabled so this should now be resolved.