Disable CAS User Creation

Request Type: 
Feature Request
Matthew Regan

Is it possible to disable user creation each time a user authenticates to a site, i.e., CASes-in? There are currently 2,155 CAS users on the Econ site, many who are undergraduates or people from other departments. Most of these users were created accessing webforms or pages behind CAS.

In fact, an Engineering grad student noticed a profile page had been created on the Econ site and asked to have it removed. I was happy to do so, however, if he should CAS back into the Econ site, a new profile page will be created.

What’ more, from an administrative standpoint, it would much easier to manage only the users who should have access to edit the site. 

If it is not possible to disable this feature, can the Drupal Team at leaset create a new universal role for all Drupal sites that can be applied to any authenticated user who does not have an assigned role on the site? If so this would at least make it easier to filter on that role and purge users periodically.



Hi Matt, if you want authenticated users to do something in a site, they need to have a Drupal user account so you can’t turn off this setting, unfortunately. You can filter by the ‘authenticated user’ role as this is the only role a user will get when just logging into a site.

Another thing you could try is do a large removal of many users of this role, then use the rules module to create a rule that runs during cron to remove users.