custom sort people type and two picture per person in people page

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General Assistance
Wenxiang Cao

Dear Yale site master:

I have 2 questions.

First we want to sort people categroy on people page with custom order as princiapl investigator->faculty->staff-> research scientists and so on. How do we do that? In the process tried to do that, we accidentaly made categrory name appeared for each person. How do we get rid of that?

Second, we want have 2 pictures for each current member on people page. One is regular picture and another is a cartoon of the person. How do we add a second picture for some people?

Thank you in advance for your help!


Hi Wenxiang,

Firstly, you can remedy this by excluding the field “people type” from display on the view. There’s a box you can tick while editing the field to achieve this.

Secondly, you can achieve what you’re trying to do with “Draggable Views”, a functionality that lets you manually reorder the items in a view. There are instructions on this site that you can find if you search for “draggable views” that will instruct you on how to configure this. However, there is a complicating factor:

Since you’re trying to display the categories in a certain order, and the view is grouped by these categories, you’ll need to make sure the first user in each of the respective categories according to your desired sort order are arranged one after the other. The other users in that category should automatically get grouped in with the lead user.

As for having two image fields, I think I need a bit more information about how you’d like this to look.