adding controls to featured image/video homepage view

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General Assistance
Campbell Harmon

On our Divinity homepage, we have the featured image/video at the top of the page. Currently it’s set to autoload randomly out of the content I’ve added (currently three photos with text). We would like to turn on the option to have the visible controls at the bottom of the block that allows the user to click through to see the other images in the carousel so they don’t have to reload the page to try and find what other images/text are featured.

I poked around in the view settings and didn’t find where I could turn on the conrols. Can someone give me some direction on what to do?

Thank you!

Campbell Harmon

Hi Campbell,

I believe if you are using the Rotating Feature for that you can edit some settings under Configuration > Media > Flex slider and try the navigation options. You’d probably want to try that out on dev first.