Quick Links to Administrative Forms

Go-Live Request

Complete this form when your site is ready to go live. When the form is submitted, the YaleSites team will review your site to ensure it follows standards and migrate the site to the production (“live”) environment. Read more Migrating from development to production.

Refresh My Site

Request a refresh of your site to copy the state of your production (live) site onto your development site. This may be necessary if your development site has become severely out of sync with your live site due to disuse and is no longer useful for testing new content or functionality. This may also be necessary if you are planning to conduct large-scale content updates on your dev site before publishing via a go-live request.

Request a Module

If the Modules needed are not available on our list, you can request a Module by completing this form. Be sure to check the Module List to be sure it is not already available.