Video Embed Field

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Creates a simple field that allows you to embed 3rd party videos (Vimeo and Youtube). This module is used for the Yale Video Listing feature. Just add the share link from the 3rd party video host to the video field and the video displays as a thumbnail with the ability to play in place.

  1. Give the field a name and select Video Embed to indicate you want to capture and display video in your Content Type. The Video widget automatically displays. 
  2. When you save the field, you are then asked to configure it, but there are very few options at this point. Most of the configuration is done in Manage Display. 
  3. Click on Manage Display and choose one of the formats:
    • Video Player - displays the video that is plays in place
    • Thumbnail preview - small image still from the video.
    • Thumbnail preview w/colorbox - small image still from video that opens in colorbox window.
  4. Once the format is chosen, click on the gear to the right to further configure the way the field will display on your landing page.