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Simplenews allows you to create newsletters and distribution lists and provides a method to send the newsletters. 


First configure the Simplenews settings by adding Newsletters and setting other options.

  1. Configuration > Services > Web Services > Newsletters
  2. Add your Newsletter categories that you want people to subscribe to;                                                        each of which is a mailing list.
  3. Click on the Settings tab and adjust your default newsletter options and subscription information.
  4. Save the configuration at each step.

Simplenews Newsletter Content Type

Out of the box, the Simplenews module comes with a Content Type called Simplenews Newsletter which should be used to create your newsletters. 

Customize the Content Type

  1. Fields can be added to this Content Type to customize the information you capture.
  2. Be sure the Use as simplenews newsletter option in the Publishing options vertical tab is selected.

Adding Content

  1. Create content as you would create other content adding the title and body.
  2. Select the Newsletter category (a taxonomy/Term Reference field) to designate articles to a subscription group.

Managing Subscriptions

You can add members to a subscription or they can subscribe on their own within their User Profile.

Subscribe members

  1. People > Newsletter Subscriptions
  2. Click on + Mass Subscribe, add a group of emails separated with a comma
  3. Click on the newsletter you want to add to the subscription.
  4. Click on Subscribe

Allow People to Subscribe Themselves

Alternately, people can subscribe themselves via subscription blocks or their people profile.

Subscribe via Profile

Anyone with access to their profile can subscribe/unsubscribe to a newsletter account. Within the profile their is now a Newsletter tab in the upper right corner. Just check or uncheck the one you want to subscribe/unsubscribe.

Subscribe via Block 

For each category created, a block is generated and available in the disabled section of the Blocks listing (Structure > Blocks). Place this block on any page to allow people who are logged in to subscribe to a newsletter. 

Export Subscribers

You can export a list of people who are subscribed to a specific newsletter. 

  1. People > Newsletter Subscriptions > Export
  2. Indicate the status of the people and subscription.
  3. Check on the newsletter(s) checkbox(es)you want to export. 
  4. Click on Export. The Export results display below.

Creating and Sending a Newsletter

  1. Create a page with the Newsletters Content Type.
  2. Indicate the Newsletter Subscription by clicking on the Newsletter category radio button.
  3. Scroll down and click on Save.

Sending the Newsletter

  1. After you save the page, you’ll see a Newsletter tab at the top (only in edit mode).
  2. Click on Newsletter and indicate if you want to send a Test Newsletter or Send it out to the appropriate subscription list.