Semantic Views

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Styling views can be EXTREMELY cumbersome with all the core view styles that are automatically assigned to the fields and other components of a view. For those of us at Yale, styling is especially difficult because most of us don’t have access to the views.tpl files. The Semantic Views module is a great help in this area as it allows you to assign classes to groups and specific fields that can easily be styled with CSS. Those who do not have access to the theme level can use CSS Injector module to create and adjust the styles as needed.

Enable Modules

  • Be sure to have the following modules enabled, Views, Semantic Views, CSS Injector.

Create your view

  • Create your view adding the fields, filters and other criteria to display the content as desired.

Enabling Semantic Views

  1. In your views interface, click on Style. Providing you have the Semantic Views module enabled, Semantic Views displays as a style option below.