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Menu Block Module provides configurable blocks of menu trees starting with any level of any menu. Menu Block Module allows you to build your architecture using one menu – the Main Menu. This eliminates the need to create sub menus for each of the main areas on your site and then configure each blocks to appear on the correct pages. With the Menu Block Module, you only need to create a Menu Block and assign it to the region where you want the block to display. Sub menus are then automatically created as the pages are added to the menu hierarchy.

Creating a Menu Block

Instead of creating new Menus for each of your new “buckets”, you create one Menu Block and the sub-menus are built based on your Main Menu Hierarchy for each “bucket”. 

  1. Menu Blocks ConfigurationStructure -> Blocks -> Add Menu Block
  2. Configure as follows:
    • Block Title - leave blank
    • Administration title - leave blank (displays on the menu as Main Menu 2nd level)
    • Menu - leave at Main Menu
    • Starting Level - 2nd Level
    • Maximum depth: Unlimited (allows multiple levels of menu to display)
  3. Region Settings
    • We recommend setting the block to Sidebar First, you you can put it in any location you want.
  4. Block visibility - Leave blank