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The Link Module allows you to create and customize a link field type that, when displayed, shows a clickable link. Options to display with our with out a label, create a static label and open in a new window are available when configuring this field.

  1. Give the field a name and select Link to indicate the type of data to store when creating a new field. The Link widget automatically displays. 
  2. When you save the field, you are then asked to configure it. Here are a few of the options:
  3. Choose a type of link Title
    • Optional Title
    • Required Title
    • Static Title
    • No Title
  4. Choose the way to want the window to open when the link is clicked
    • Default (no target attribute)
    • Open link in window root
    • Open link in new window
    • Allow the user to choose
  5. ​You can also adjust the rel attributes to set the link as “nofollow” or title attribute.