Frequently Asked Questions

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The Frequently Asked Question module (FAQ) provides an environment to capture and organize Questions and Answers for your site. These FAQs can be categorized and organized to can be displayed as customized views using various styles such as accordion or basic list layouts.

Creating FAQs

Each Frequently Asked Question is an individual “page” or node and are created using the FAQ Content Type.

  1. Enable the Module - Modules -> Frequently Asked Questions
  2. Select the FAQ content type - Content -> Add content> FAQ (If you do not see FAQ, the module is not enabled).
  3. Enter the question, a longer more descriptive version of your question, and the answer for your question.
  4. If you are grouping your questions, select a tag/category from the FAQ list.
  5. Click the Save button.

Your Question/Answer set displays on the FAQ page ( with a link to the Category above. Clicking on the category link displays a listing of all questions for that category.

Changing the Order of your FAQs

If you want to rearrange the order of your questions/answers:

  1. Go to the FAQ page
  2. Click on the Order button on the top of the page.
  3. Drag and drop the question in the desired order.

Changing the layout/display of FAQ listing

You can change the way the categories and/or questions and answers display on your site. Please note: the Site Administrator is the only granted permissions to change the display of the FAQs.

To adjust the display of the FAQs, go to Configuration -> Content Authoring -> Frequently Asked Questions

  • General - enter the title and description of your FAQ group.
  • Questions - configure the layout and other settings for the questions.
  • Categories - indicate that you want various categories with your questions and how you wan them to display.

Use Taxonomy to create an FAQ Category

If you are using categories, you need to create taxonomies prior to setting up the layout.

  1. Click on Structure - > Taxonomy in your administration menu module.
  2. Create a Taxonomy vocabulary for the FAQs set that you are creating.
  3. Click the Add terms tab and add the terms to identify the categories for your FAQs.
  4. Click Save.

Add Term Reference Field to the FAQ Content Type

  1. Open the FAQ Content Type (Structure > Content Types > FAQ)
  2. Create a new field as a Term Reference and choose the FAQ taxonomy you created in the Vocabulaty field at the bottom of the form. 

Creating FAQs

  1. Open the FAQ content type and enter the question/answer text for your FAQ.
  2. Select the category/term for the question from the FAQs drop down.