Entity Reference

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Content Types

The Entity Reference module allows you to create a field that references other nodes or entities in a Content Type. Content is selected directly from that Content Type and can be displayed as a link which points directly to the content.

  1. Enable the Module: Modules -> Entity Reference
  2. Create a field in your Content Type selecting Entity Reference as your Widget type and choose the method by which the form element is chosen (Autocomplete, Select list, etc.)
    Create entity reference field
  3. Configure the settings for the field by first choosing the Target Type:
    links and displays the title of the page, User links and displays the name of the person.
    Entity Reference Target Type
    Important Note: If you want to connect to a person, and choose User, the next step is not applicable.
  4. Choose the Content Type you want to link/connect to if the entity is NOT a User: This is a listing of all the Content Types in your site.
    Entity Target Bundles
  5. Save the field.