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The Colorbox Module is a nice way to add pop-up functionality for photo galleries, videos and other media. It is a light-weight, customizable lightbox plugin for jQuery 1.4.3+ that allows for integration of Colorbox into Drupal. You can easily use the ColorBox module with the existing YaleSites Gallery Feature to configure the images to open as pop-ups rather than the inline out of the box display. 

  1. Open the Gallery Content Type and click on Manage Display.
  2. Locate the Image field and select Colorbox as the format. 
  3. Then choose the image styles to display on the page and when the image opens as a pop-up.
  4. Click on Update.
  5. Save Configuration.
  6.  Install the CSS Injector module.

Add CSS using CSS Injector to the site by going to Configuration > Development > CSS Injector. Click on “Create a new rule” and paste in the following code:

.colorbox {

display: inline;
width: 100px;
height: 100px;
overflow: hidden;
float: left;
padding: 5px;
margin: 4px;