Cloud Zoom

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External Support

This module integrates the Cloud Zoom JQuery addon (by Professor Cloud) with CCK ImageField and ImageCache (or Drupal 7’s core Image module). The effect: hovering over the image sends a magnified section, that moves with your pointer, to a pop up window.

Instructions for use on YaleSites

  1. Enable the module and dependencies.
  2. Find your image field you want this to apply to and go to the Manage Display tab.
  3. Select the Cloud Zoom Format for the Image. Once selected, options will appear to the right to configure the plugin for that field. You can control things like the gallery mode, which image presets are used, positioning and so on. Remember to click the Update and Save buttons when you’re done.
  4. Visit an entity with the field on it (which has associated images). They should now appear as zoomable images.