Automatic Nodetitles

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Content Types

If you have ever created a Content Type with a first and last name (Faculty or Staff listing) you have most likely experienced the frustration of sorting if you are using the Title field as the name field.

  • If you put the full name in the Title field, and your sort alphabetically, the content is sorted by the first name.
  • If you only add the Last name as the title field, the Last name is all that displays as the title of the page. It is virtually impossible to use the title field as the person’s full name if you want to sort by last name.

You can create custom title fields with the Automatic Nodetitles module. This module allows you to hide the title field and use tokens to generate the a new title based on fields available in the Content Type.

Configuring Automatic Nodetitles

Once the module is enabled, configure Automatic Nodetitles in the vertical tab area of the Content Type.

Click on the 2nd or 3rd radio button based on your preference and select tokens from the list below the Patterns for the title and add them to the fields. When you save the content type, pages that your page title