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Development changes to live
My site is already in live. Now i have changed two files in my development environment i want to move to live . Please guide me regarding this
View as a Grid Issue
To whom it may concern, On the “Religious Literacy” page of my website, the images of the symbols are not all the same. When I created them on...
Slogan not appearing
Hi, We’d like to have a slogan for the site (, and have entered it into the “Site Details” section...
HI I am trying to create quicktabs for my content on this page, but it does not look right. Any guidance on how to go about this? THanks! Lorna
One page in two different menus
I have this issue come up a couple of times in my website.   I created a “Facilities” page, which is important enough to be its own parent menu item...
Adobe Captivate
Hello, Is it possible to post Adobe captivate (ver 6) videos in Drupal 6?  Previous versions of Captivate authored content in Flash, version 6...