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How do I change the name of the site?
The name of my site is “It’s Your Yale — Grow”. Right now it just says “It’s Your Yale”. Can you help me figure out how to do this?...
Office Hours Request
Hello, I have a few questions as I develop/edit our site.  Would it be possible to meet some time next week?  Preferably between 1:00-4:00 p.m. Many...
Replacement photos not showing up in rotating header
Good afternoon. I am beginning to replace photos in the rotating header on my site and they are not showing up in the slideshow. The one I just added...
Working with existing view
Hello, I recently acquired this website from someone who’s moved on to another position. I am not trained in the “views” feature in Drupal and...
Job posting board for alumni
Career services at the architecture school would like to create a job posting board for current students and alumni to log into and access job...
Trouble with picture linking; have home grid view
Good afternoon. On the bottom part of the Grow site, there are two pictures. They are in a home grid view. When I click on the picture on the left...
Access Control - still allowing all users to view restricted page
I am assisting the President’s Office to create restricted pages. I’ve turned on the ‘Access Control’ module and rebuilt permissions. I...
new user for astronomy sites
please add new dept operations/business manager Susan Hart netid = szh4 as content editor
Changing menu content
Hi. Going into a meeting at 3 and I would really like to change the menu on my site ( to What Yale offers, Do it...
Error message received when accessing taxonomy term page
Error message is: Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in ds_field_formatter_view() (line 1238 of/data01/d7/
Block title link in a new window issue
you will need to CAS log into this site. i tried setting the ‘update your contact information’ block title to be a link and open in a new window, but...
Error when attempting to download PDF version of webform submission
We are currently getting an error when attempting to “Download PDF” from a webform submission on the Undergraduate Production website. “Notice:...
Development changes to live
My site is already in live. Now i have changed two files in my development environment i want to move to live . Please guide me regarding this
View as a Grid Issue
To whom it may concern, On the “Religious Literacy” page of my website, the images of the symbols are not all the same. When I created them on...
Slogan not appearing
Hi, We’d like to have a slogan for the site (, and have entered it into the “Site Details” section...
HI I am trying to create quicktabs for my content on this page, but it does not look right. Any guidance on how to go about this? THanks! Lorna
One page in two different menus
I have this issue come up a couple of times in my website.   I created a “Facilities” page, which is important enough to be its own parent menu item...
Adobe Captivate
Hello, Is it possible to post Adobe captivate (ver 6) videos in Drupal 6?  Previous versions of Captivate authored content in Flash, version 6...