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Yale calendar
I am afraid that I have overridden our wonderful ER&M calendar by adding Yale Bedework. Any way I can undo this? :*(
Taking Pages Offline
I’m trying to unpublish some pages on our website that were built as taxonomy terms and shouldn’t be live. I don’t want to delete...
escape HTML entities from feed aggregator
We are using the feed aggregator module to pull the rss feed from our facebook page at:
Pages display under different heading
Pages display under different headings Under People>Faculty, We would like to have 2 subgroups: CRISP Faculty and CRISP affiliated faculty. Please...
Calendar - remove filter options
Hi Nancy and Josue, Sorry, Again I didn’t manage to find answers in the How To Guide nor in former posts of the forum, so again bugging you...
Protected or Cassified Page?
Is there a way to create a page that is only viewable by Yale individuals without having them cassify (i.e., a Yale protected page- no need to log...
Adding Blocks to new page
I’ve been trying to add a blog we are featuring on our homepage, “upcoming_event” to the new events page. I’ve put it into this like...
Content on bottom of homepage; design issues
Please look at the bottom half of the Grow site. There are home page and jump page issues. Home page: When you look at the two photos, you can see...
jCarousel Module
I’m looking to add the jCarousel module to this page ( to create an image carousel like this,...
Issues with containers of content on home page
Please take a look at the screenshot of the lower half of the Grow website home page above. You can see that the pictures do not align as they...
Speed of rotating headers
Good morning. On the “It’s Your Yale — Grow” site I have rotating headers with quotes from some of our leaders — Salovey, Polak, Mike Peel, etc...
Table stretched in certain browsers
In some browsers the chart which appears on the page, is stretched and ugly as...
Help with a sensible approach to pop-up images
I am trying to find a solution to a functionality we have on our current site: Images...
Need to CASify this basic page
How do I CASify this page?… Thanks! Dana
Site name
I just made an edit to the site name, but it does not show up unless I am cas-ed into the site. Here is what it looks like when I bring up site in...
how do i access a site that is in development?
Hi Marwa, I was able to log into the “” page but I do not see the Administrator’s toolbar or a way to navigate into...
How do I change the name of the site?
The name of my site is “It’s Your Yale — Grow”. Right now it just says “It’s Your Yale”. Can you help me figure out how to do this?...
Office Hours Request
Hello, I have a few questions as I develop/edit our site.  Would it be possible to meet some time next week?  Preferably between 1:00-4:00 p.m. Many...
Replacement photos not showing up in rotating header
Good afternoon. I am beginning to replace photos in the rotating header on my site and they are not showing up in the slideshow. The one I just added...
Working with existing view
Hello, I recently acquired this website from someone who’s moved on to another position. I am not trained in the “views” feature in Drupal and...