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Collapsiblock not collapsing
Hi, We have set up collapsiblocks on two pages on this new site:
New Filter Criterion
In our clinician content type I need to vreate a new option in the Filter Criteria under Content: Suffix. I need OD added. I thought it would be in...
CSS Injector Help
I’ve set up a CSS Injector rule to style the caption title/caption in the image of the recycling bin at to be positioned...
Reordering staff profiles
Hi, I’m trying to reorder the staff profiles on our SFFI website so that it matches the profile order on our TELE site. None of the available...
Changing site header
Hi, Is it possible to change the header on our homepage (the text that reads “The Sustaining Family Forests Initiative”) to be an image (our logo)...
Hello, I’d like to meet with someone on how to reformat the home page of our site; also, I’ve been trying to enlarge the photos on our...
Appointment for Office Hours
Hello, I would like to make an office hours appointment please. Thanks in advace.
Boulder School Page path
I would like the roster found at to look the same as the roster found at
News item not showing when logged out of CAS
I just created a News item for the CS site and when I’m logged into CAS it’s fine and shows up, but when I log out it disappears. It...
Hi, sorry to be so high maintenance but we’re having difficulties with the breadcrumbs on a few pages, like
Responsive video not working
Hi, Chao has been working on this but there’s no way to respond to your/his ticket resolution and the feature is not working so we’d love...
Responsive video
Hi, we’re trying to make the videos on this page responsive. Is there anything we can do? Best, Bjorn Hi again, we’d like the video to be...
Social media buttons not displaying white
Hi, despite having enabled the YaleSites 2016 theme, we still cannot get our social buttons to display white and w/o the label.  
Webform results displaying HTML tags rather than stylized text
Hi, We are having an issue with one of our webforms (business card request form). Yesterday it started displaying the HTML tags rather than the...
Projects Tiles
Would it be possible to add a feature to have a projects page on my site similar to this one:
Content types that allow authenticated users to submit/edit any content to be approved by designated users
I am working on moving our site,, to the newest YaleSites template (dev site: I’d like to make it so that...
Responsive video
Hi, we’re trying to make our videos responsive but run into problems as the CSS we write do not seem to make a difference, the video is either...
People View
I currently have our staff directory listed alphabetically. I’m looking to move four people to the top of the list in a certain order and have...
Missing YaleSites 2016 Wide (default theme) in region for social buttons
Hi, we’re trying to get our social button to display white and have copied the work on another site but the only difference we can see, that...
"Unrecoverable error"s when using webform application
I have gotten complaints from applicants using our FLAGS application webform that they get “unrecoverable errors” when trying to upload documents...