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Header Images not appearing in Maintenance Mode
Hello,  Our images for the ‘Rotating Header’ are not appearing on the site. When I inspect the page, I can see the browser attempting to load/rotate...
Github Social Button
Is it possible to add a github logo to the ‘Social buttons’ menu? It would be nice to link to our github in the footer.  or, What’s an...
DEV issues
Hi, earlier this year we had refreshed into dev. We have been making tweaks and explored how we can adapt the 2013 version to the...
Export/import images & Start/end dates
Is there a way to access images that were uploaded via the image upload widget and export them to then be imported into a new Drupal website? The...
Webform Edits
Hello, I would like help adding additional questions to our webform. The survey is to collect child participant data for the Infant and Child...
People pages - cannot reestablish default setting
i somehow changed the default setting on the individual “people” pages, and now cannot figure out how to restore it.  Please help.  
Problem with site banner vertical space
Hi! We are very close to going live with this site. I just noticed a spacing issue in the site banner/name. I see a large whitespace between “Yale...
Blocks not interactive
Hi YaleSites team, For one of our sites, AACC, we are having an issue where blocks are not showing the gear on hover as well as some other misc....
Modifying Course Page Display
My goal is to streamline the appearance and functionality of the Course information page by limiting it to one page that uses the Accordion display...
Archive Function
Hello, If you go to the above link, you can see the right side bar, Archives....
Courseleaf api for Drupal?
Hi Drupal Drips! I just learned that Craig Canfield in the University Registrar’s Office says that Courseleaf does now offer an interface that...
LGBTQ Affinity Group website styling issues
I’m having trouble targeting the objects I want to restyle with CSS using the CSS injector. I have a design plan laid out and am looking for...
full-width delta not working
I tried making a full-width page for the Yale 2016 standard theme using the instructions found here:
Site not secure
Hi, we recently refreshed into dev. Unlike the current site, the dev version in the 2016 template is not secure. Is there any...
Tried editing pages and now they are "not published"
For and
Cannot find CSS injector module YaleSites 2016
Hi, we have 2 questions we hope you can help us with: 1. We cannot find the CSS injector anymore. We’ve tried to scroll through the 100s, if...
Social icons not showing
Hi, I already asked how to avoid the social media icons from disappearing in the footer third area, which is blue (so the icons should be white,...
accents in names
I need to figure out why an accent mark (diacritical mark) in a name eliminates that letter in the URL The URL above should be people/gerard-padro-i-...
Sizing page content
Hello, I’m trying to work in a dev site and I’m finding that my main page content is not filling the whole page. I’m ending up with...
Link exists to a file that I can't find to delete
We have clients finding a file when searching that we cannot find on the website to delete.