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Social media buttons not displaying white
Hi, despite having enabled the YaleSites 2016 theme, we still cannot get our social buttons to display white and w/o the label.  
Webform results displaying HTML tags rather than stylized text
Hi, We are having an issue with one of our webforms (business card request form). Yesterday it started displaying the HTML tags rather than the...
Projects Tiles
Would it be possible to add a feature to have a projects page on my site similar to this one:
Content types that allow authenticated users to submit/edit any content to be approved by designated users
I am working on moving our site,, to the newest YaleSites template (dev site: I’d like to make it so that...
Responsive video
Hi, we’re trying to make our videos responsive but run into problems as the CSS we write do not seem to make a difference, the video is either...
People View
I currently have our staff directory listed alphabetically. I’m looking to move four people to the top of the list in a certain order and have...
Missing YaleSites 2016 Wide (default theme) in region for social buttons
Hi, we’re trying to get our social button to display white and have copied the work on another site but the only difference we can see, that...
"Unrecoverable error"s when using webform application
I have gotten complaints from applicants using our FLAGS application webform that they get “unrecoverable errors” when trying to upload documents...
Alt tag missing
Hi, in checking the accessibility tool for the page above, we cannot find the img alt tag in the event posting interface.  
Failed to load Mandrill API Key - error message
Users are getting this error message:  Failed to load Mandrill API Key. Please check your Mandrill settings. From submitting the form here: https://...
Superfish Modules
I changed the accent color for the navigation screen and my superfish module disappeared! I tried to reinstall but my the only option onder module is...
Search form position
Hi, we’re trying to place the search form in the topper second position on the right, along with the nav elements, like https://yalesites.yale....
Content Deleted
Hi, I attempted to add a menu item to the main menu. After figuring out how to do that, clicking on that menu item simply reveals a “Page not found”...
Please help news content missing
Hi.  I wrote two news articles recently, posted on our website around August 20.    I sent them out in an E-mail on that date and the links to the...
cropping images on rotating header
I have tried cropping photos in several different ways but when they show up in the header I only get a portion of the image although they look fine...
reCAPTCHA issue
Hi, I’ve enabled, believed I’ve enabled reCAPTCHA on the mentioned webform. It does not seem to be working although it is working on this...
Warning message on Event content type
Hi, I am getting this weird warning message on the Event content type: It would be greatly appreciated if someone could take a look and let me know...
want image title only when mouse is hovering over image
When I post an event I would like the image title to be invisible except when a mouse is hovering, as the field explanation indicates. Instead it...
Trouble with people listing
Hi, we’re trying to edit one of the faculty members (Frahm) on this page — just remove the degree) but every time we make a change, we get the...
People listing in ngrid view for mobile
Hi, we’re trying to get our faculty listing in 3 or 4 column grid but notice that on small, mobile screens, the columns do not adapt. Instead,...