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reCaptcha not blocking spam
Hi, I’m hoping you can help. The Contact form is getting inundated with spam submissions even though I have setup reCaptchua. when I go to the...
News Archive Block
To Whom It May Concern:  In the News Archive block on my site’s News page, the number of news articles from each month is displayed next to...
Creating an 'Edit' link for node type
I am hoping to create a link to edit the current node to be displayed in a block that appears on all content of a certain type, ‘Resource’. I’m...
Rollback theme
I accidentally changed the theme for our site and it reorganized the display of various blocks. Can you roll it back to what it was? We need to...
deprecated function notices in dev. while adding links
Getting the following message on multiple pages in dev site when updating info and adding links Deprecated function: Function create_function() is...
Redirect from old site
A Faculty member pubished an article with a link to the website; that URL has been changed a few years ago from
No admin/edit options using Edge
Our DGS, Brad Inwood, is set up with admin/editor permissions but using Edge/Win 10, is not getting the admin overlay. Is there anything we can do?
Editing Field Setting
We need to edit the residential college listing on this page and when I go into Content types » Residential Prizes » Manage fields » Residential...
Faculty Books on Home Page
We have after many attempts, and help managed to get the recent/faculty publications block to display as we want it to for this page: https://dev....
Header Image Text on Mouseover
Hi, we’re trying to avoid using captions with the semi-transparent background on the rotating header images on this page. Is there a simple way...
Creating a Calendar with Categories
Hi, I am currently working on a calendar for the AA&D Hub. I have been using the calendar on FLY’s website as an example. We would like to...
Problem with webform
Hi, we’re trying to set up a very basic form but run into problems. First, the page above is a webform added as a page. We’d like it to...
Superfish help
Hello, I’ve enabled Superfish in “Modules” (following these instructions:, but it is...
Event not showing on main page
We have an event listing on our main page and some of the events are not showing.
Need help changing main menu view and creating expandable blocks of text
Hi, We want the main menu on our site to work where when you hover over one of the top menu links, a list of sublinks expands down while you’re...
Adjust question format
Hello, We recently requested two additional questions in our online parent sign up form. The added questions were “Race” and “Gender.” Could you...
"Browse Server" option not available to add embedded images in the body of a page
I am trying to add images in the body of a page using the WYSIWYG. I have the same problem on iMac and PC, the the live site and dev site. I am not...
Can't remove CAPTCHA challenge
I’ve been playing around with my settings, but I can’t seem to successfully remove the CAPTCHA challenge. We will have this webforum...
Having key words show up under website name
Hello,  I want to make sure that when the name of the lab is searched, two keywords show up underneath the website name. One keyword is in English...
Problem changing people type name
I’m so sorry to have to ask this again but the process of what seems to be a simple people type name change is hard to remember in it’s...