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Image orientation incorrect on Gallery page
Hello, I am attempting to upload a few pictures into a Gallery slideshow for an event that we had recently. These pictures were sent to me by a...
How do I edit who receives Webform responses?
On our main page, there is a link for business owners to submit their business to be included in the directory. Presently I am the only one who...
Lost ability to add content to my website
Can not add any content, pages, or images to carousel feature. Please check what was the error.
Full Width on Homepage
Hello, I created a full-width Delta per the instructions listed here: It works well on each...
People menu missing new people type
Hi, we’re having difficulties getting the people menu to reflect a new people type. We added the Emeritus Faculty field type in configuration. Then...
Hello,  I am trying to use several anchors on a long website page. I have created 3 anchors and when I click on one it takes me to right below the...
Putting a page beind cas
Attempted to put this behid cas but it is not working - I may be missing a step.
Possible bug while using Aggregate in views
April 25, 2019, 12:06 p.m. Can you tell me if this is a true bug when using ‘Aggregate’ in views: I’ve looked up the notice on and...
assistance in putting a link behind cas
we would like to put some specific training videos behind a cas logon on the HIPAA website
How do I change the look of menu bar
My main menu bar isn’t showing up properly like it should in the template look. I’ve tried changing the appearance but no change has...
How do I make an existing site to adopt custom design
Hello, I am hoping to use some customed design of webpage for my website ( The site was created using YaleSite Self-...
How do I add a COA field to a Room Request Form
I need to add COA fields to a webform similar to the one on the Facilities website. How would I do this...
How do I add a COA field to a Room Request Form
I need to add COA fields to a webform similar to the one on the Facilities website. How would I do this...
Redirect & Google
Hi, I set up a redirect (there is NOT a node/page created) to go directly to a Qualtrics form. My question is will that redirect be picked up by...
Rotating Header block is only showing when cas'd in.
The rotating header block only shows up when I’m cas’d in.  How can I get it so that everyone sees it? 
Boxed 2016 Theme
Hi, I am currently working on a site in a development environment. I noticed that there is a slight space between the banner image and rule in the...
Home Page Dissappeared, then Reappeared with Wrong Format
We accidentally deleted a text block on our home page that caused the entire page to disappear. I tried to fix the issue, but it is not quite back to...
Flex Slider Rotating Header
In complicance with WCAG2 accessability (cited below) we’d like to update our homepage so that the images can be made to stop scrolling if the...
Help With a Webform
The last item which are radial buttons, I can’t get the heading not to be duplicative, “Describe the area…”
Removing file from ckfinder
I need to upload an updated version of a file that an “attachment” on this page: . I clicked “...