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Lab website unstable
During the website construction or when I just check it for fun, very often the link gives me 502 Bad Gateway and I have to refresh several times to...
Not be able to select a particular page on a website
Hey, I have been granted access to edit the Qbio website. I can add pages or edit other pages but I cannot do anything the People page. I don’t...
Block fields not showing on some nodes
When using certain characters (e.g., the letter “A”) in the username filed of a user node,  the block fields (custom field) I’ve configured do...
Views Hover Effects Grid
I am attempting to experiment with some new designs for the Yale Humanities Page. I was wondering whether there is any way to have hover effects like...
Delete duplicate profiles
Hello, I am trying to add in our new students to the “graduate student” people page. I accidentally added one student, Martha Engvall, twice - once...
Hello,  I am trying to make the headings on this page “Heading 2” with the “H2. Small” style but even after making the changes and saving, the...
activating Past Events page
Hello, We would like to add a Past Events tab to our English calendar page. In the Content List we can see a Past Events tab but it has no path. How...
Adding photo credits/captions
We’d like to include photo credits for images placed in blocks in the header first area. Adding it as a <p> below the images, it shows...
Problems with rotating feature
Hi, we’re hoping you can help with something that has taken us hours and hours of testing, searching, trouble shooting with no effect. We have...
Archive Q
I created the unpublished block name “Student Experiences Archive Block” under Student Spotlight content type and view.  You can access this block...
Drop-down menus
I’m working in my dev site right now on adding drop-down menus to our main menu.  I activated the Superfish module and set everything up.  The...
Faculty publications block
I’d like to configure the faculty publications currently displayed in a row of four across the home page to display one at a time as a rotating...
All Website Content Deleted
Hello,  I have recently tried to update our lab website, and when I tried to change the color of the homepage all of the content (pages, menu bar,...
Layout Update Browser Differences
Edit: Fixed the issue
Left Aligning Embedded Video
Hi, I am currently working on a new student profile page on our website. I was hoping to left align the videos in the profiles that feature a video,...
Create library
Would like to create a library for ER&M equipment online.
Create views
Would need some designing assistance to create several links from one image.
Menu Links
On our ABOUT menu, some of the links are not showing (Patient Partner Opportunities). I know for our COVERAGE menu it goes to a second column…
We’d like to add an emeritus page to our people section. I could not figure out how to duplicate the faculty page (or if that was the best...
New Content not posting to home page
Hello, I just added a new news article to our website (, but for some reason it is not showing on the homepage– it only appears...