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How do I add a COA field to a Room Request Form
I need to add COA fields to a webform similar to the one on the Facilities website. How would I do this...
Redirect & Google
Hi, I set up a redirect (there is NOT a node/page created) to go directly to a Qualtrics form. My question is will that redirect be picked up by...
Rotating Header block is only showing when cas'd in.
The rotating header block only shows up when I’m cas’d in.  How can I get it so that everyone sees it? 
Boxed 2016 Theme
Hi, I am currently working on a site in a development environment. I noticed that there is a slight space between the banner image and rule in the...
Home Page Dissappeared, then Reappeared with Wrong Format
We accidentally deleted a text block on our home page that caused the entire page to disappear. I tried to fix the issue, but it is not quite back to...
Flex Slider Rotating Header
In complicance with WCAG2 accessability (cited below) we’d like to update our homepage so that the images can be made to stop scrolling if the...
Help With a Webform
The last item which are radial buttons, I can’t get the heading not to be duplicative, “Describe the area…”
Removing file from ckfinder
I need to upload an updated version of a file that an “attachment” on this page: . I clicked “...
Webforms Email Confirmations
Is it possible for a webform to send an email to the person who left the submission? I know about the confirmation page, but is it possible to also...
Notice: Undefined Index: System main...
dev site dislpaying the following message… Notice: Undefined index: system_main in your_yale_taxonomy_vocabularies_preprocess_page() (line 12...
Rotating Header block is missing
For some reason I can’t find the rotating header block in my blocks list.  It was apparently originally disabled on the page but now we need it...
adding controls to featured image/video homepage view
On our Divinity homepage, we have the featured image/video at the top of the page. Currently it’s set to autoload randomly out of the content I...
Best way to bulk import CAS users from different site
I need to import a number of users who are set up on another site. I believe they all have NetIDs, so I could create a view that simply gives me a...
Trying replace table with 4 colums
I am trying to use float code to create 4 columns for the list of names on this page. Right now I have enabled -
Pantheon Solr
I seem to be having trouble setting up solr search on the new panetheon system, it must have changed from the previous acquia setup but I can’t...
Specific questions about courses
I have some very specific questions about Courses, but couldn’t get ahold of anyone via email. Is it possible to set up office hours to go...
Being made admin of site
Hello! I’m this year’s president for Walden and would very much appreciate being given administrative power of our webpage so that I can...
ical button disappeared
Hi, I was trying to troubleshoot our ical feed and somehow managed to disappear the icon from the page. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks,...
appointment scheduling module
Hi Drupal team, I’m in need of an option to allow our students to sign up for time slots for meetings over the course of several days. I had...
URGENT: Calendar Time Issue
Hi, Our team discovered that the times on our training and events calendar, that is supposed to go live in a few days, are not displaying correctly....