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Disable CAS User Creation
Is it possible to disable user creation each time a user authenticates to a site, i.e., CASes-in? There are currently 2,155 CAS users on the Econ...
Adding Calendar Block to Homepage
Hi,  Can you please advise how to add a calendar block to the homepage? I would like to list the upcoming events on the homepage. Here is an example...
2016 Theme?
This site was created several years ago and not much has been done with it recently. We are interested in updating the site and getting it going...
Accidental Delete
I am new to working with these types of sites and in trying to delete the photo of someone who no longer works here may have accidenally deleted a...
Problem with Tables and Photos
Hello!  Everything was going well with my tables, on which I have a column for photos and a column for text.  However, something resized, and now the...
Adding a weekly event to a calendar
Hi,  Is there a way to add weekly events to the calendar without having to input a new date and time every time?  Thank you,  Rochelle 
Superfish Not Enabled?
Hello!  I see that Superfish is disabled, but I don’t know how to enable it so that I can have drop-down menus on my website under “About Us”...
Change the heading
Where in the view would I go to make the following change  Franke Program in Science and the Humanities to Franke Program in Science & the...
Visually Mapping a Data Set
Hello,  Im working on a new project Its under production right now. This website is basically a visual map. The map is from...
Formatting glitch
Some weird formatting has appeared on our website in the form of small square boxes floating above the text for the headers “overview,” “schedule,”...
One on One Office Hours
Hello,  I would like to request some one-on-one time to discuss some updates that I would like to make to our current website, including a dev site...
Deleted content code
In trying to create a page titled ‘code’, I unintentionally deleted content item ‘code’, and essentially the entire website in the process.  My 3...
Adding an event
I am trying to add an event but keep getting an error message regarding the location. It is not recognizing “Connecticut” when I enter it into the...
Two Yale Rotating Carousel (Slick Carosuel) width problems
EDIT Thank you for fixing the Yale-Smithsonian carousel! However, this does not address my first question. When I install the carousel on a new site...
Adding logos to the footer
Hi all, I’m working on a yale site for a conference this year, and I’m required by the national sponsoring organization to include their...
custom sort people type and two picture per person in people page
Dear Yale site master: I have 2 questions. First we want to sort people categroy on people page with custom order as princiapl investigator->...
Spam Protection on YaleSite (continued)
A previous forum post was marked as resolved so I couldn’t comment on it directly.
Secure web pages
I will be creating various pages that we would like to have restricted to CAS login. Please let me know how I can do this to create an “Internal”...
Error and navigation panel issues
We have pages that are nested and would like to display on the left hand side for navigation ease (like in, but it...
Spam Protection on YaleSite
The ISM website has a Job Opportunities Content Type that is open to the public so various organizations can add their jobs for the ISM students. It...