YaleSites 2016 Theme Regions

Regions are sections of your page where additional content can be added using Blocks. Regions vary based on the theme and should be a major consideration when choosing a Theme.

The image below outlines the exposed Regions that are part of the Omega 3 Theme, the foundation for YaleSites Themes. The Preface and PostScript regions are exposed for the 2016 Themes by default, but they don’t have to be used. However, having these Regions exposed allows you to provide additional layouts for various page without having the complexity of using Deltas. (click to enlarge image).

The following diagram outlines the basic Regions for the YaleSites 2016 Standard Theme.

Using the Preface and PostScript Regions

The Preface and PostScript regions are now available for the 2016 Themes by default, allowing you to provide additional layouts for various pages without the need to create Deltas. The Preface and PostScript Regions provide additional areas within your page above and below the Content Region.

Use Editorial Discretion

These Regions are meant to be extensions of the Content area, that leads to more information elsewhere on the site. Be careful not to display too much in these Regions. While any Block can be added to these Regions, we recommend the following guidelines when determining the types of content that should be used. The  Office of Cooperative Research demonstrates good use of each of these Regions.

Preface Regions

Preface Regions should be used for introductory text or images that lead to more information within the site.  You can create custom Blocks with an image that links to another page within the site. Be sure to assign the specific page and region when configuring the block.

PostScript Regions

The PostScript Regions is available at the bottom of the pages and provides 3-4 separate Regions where you can add featured content. Featured news, people, videos, etc. work very well in these regions. There are some pre-built Blocks that are part of the YaleSites News, Video and Events Features. 

  • News - Use the View: News: News Listing Block to display a list of articles without thumbnails.

  • Video - Use the View: Video: Featured Video Block to display the most recent video that has been checked with Featured. 

  • Event - Use the View: Calendar (list): Upcoming Block to display the most recent list of events.