Yale Bedework Calendar Feature

The Yale Bedework Calendar Feature allows you to pull events from your existing Yale University Calendar (Bedework) so they can display on your YaleSite. This eliminates the need to enter the events in 2 places and provides you with a uniform way to display your information. If you do not have a Bedework account and would like one, please review the information at the Yale ITS website.

*Important Note: The Yale Bedework Calendar Feature shares the Content Types and Views for the Calendar & Events Feature. To avoid writing over any changes made to existing sites, all sites created prior to April 1st, 2013 must request a refresh of your site. The YaleSites team will work with you to help ensure a smooth transition with this Feature.

Using the Bedework Calend​ar Feature

To begin, you just first enable the Yale Bedework Calendar Module:

  • Modules > Features > Yale Bedework Calendar

Then enter the URL for your calendar (e.g.  through the configuration page:

  1. Configuration > Yale > Bedework Calendar Import
  2. Enter the Yale University Calendar URL in the URL field and click Import.Bedework calendar feed setup

Details - Settings

  • The Yale Bedework Calendar Feature is built using a Feeds Module and a host of others. Your events are imported every 12 hours so your events are always up-to-date. 
  • The events are imported into the Events Content Type and displayed in the Views that are part of the Yale Calendar & Events Feature. The page displays can be adjusted with basic knowledge of Views
  • Yale Calendar & Events Feature instructions provide details about the Content Type and Views that the Events information is imported into.