Working with Images

Images are a great way to add interest to your site and help convey the message of your department or organizational mission and goals. However, there are lots of questions that come up when adding images including

  • Where do I find images of Yale?
  • How do I prepare images for the web?
  • What types of images should I use?
  • Can I use any photo I find on the web? How do I handle copyrights?

Images of Yale

There are many options to find images of Yale that are free and available for use, providing they promote a department, organizational or institutional purpose.

Guide to Working with Images

Once you find the images, you need to be able to manipulate them so they work in your site. The Choosing and Preparing Images For Your Site is a handy guide to help get the right images in the right place.

Regarding Copyrights

The most frequently asked question about imagery and websites is “Can I use this photo I found on Google?” In short the answer is NO; that is unless you have permission. Many of the images found on Google or anywhere throughout the web are copyrighted and therefore cannot be used without risk of legal action resulting in heaving fines. Therefore, unless you have explicit written permission to use an image from the photographer, you should NOT use that image.