Working in development

When building a custom site, theme building is typically done on a developer’s computer, and moved to the Yale development environment for testing.

Some important information about working in development:

  • When a custom site is provisioned, the development area is automatically set up.

  • The URL for your development area is your site URL prefixed with dev (

  • If you have an existing site with the URL, you should request a development environment with the URL

  • You will need to be on campus or connected to the Yale VPN in order to access your site in the development environment.

  • Github Enterprise is used to interact with code in the development environment (instructions).

  • No content or databases will be migrated from your local computer to the YaleSites development environment. Only custom theme files can be pushed from your local environment to the YaleSites environment. The creation of content types, views, nodes, and configuration should take place in your in the YaleSites development environment only. To refresh your local computer with a snapshot of the YaleSites development environment, you can use the Site Backup module.