Working with blocks

A Block is a container that allows you to add additional content to a region in your page. You can add images, contact information, a list of related links, an event promotion or anything you’d like to feature!

Blocks can be:

  • dynamic or static; generated as a Block display in a View, on-the-fly by various modules, or created with static text/images.
  • configured to display on specific pages, content types, and/or for specific people or types of people (roles).
  • assigned to the various Regions on your site.

Adding a Block

Create Blocks based on the needs of a specific site structure.

  1. Select Structure -> Blocks from the Administrator’s toolbar.
  2. Click on the + Add block link above the list of links.
  3. Enter the name of the Block in the Block title; this is shown as the title of the block to the user when placed in a Region.
  4. Enter a description in the Block description; this is shown on the Administration page to identify the Block.
  5. Enter text and images in the Block body. 
    Block admin interface
  6. Scroll down and select the Regions you want this block to display on.
    Block Region settings admin interface
  7. Indicate the pages you want the block to display/not display, Content Types it should be available for, and/or the Roles who should be able to see this block.

Editing Blocks

You can easily edit the content in any Block using the Gear icon that is a new feature in D7. Simply hover over the upper right corner of your Block. A contextual menu displays with options available based on the type of block you are working with:
Contextual Menu display gear and options for Blocks

  • Menu - List links, Edit menu, Configure block
  • View - Edit view, Configure Block
  • Block - Configure block

Select the option Configure block and it brings you to the configuration area for that specific block.