Text Styles

Additional formatting styles are now available to enhance your YaleSite. 

Introduction and DropCap Styles

Introduction and DropCap styles have been added to be used for the first paragraph of a page. These styles affect the whole paragraph, so the styles should be added after the entire page of text has been added. Otherwise, each paragraph you add will inherit those special styles and cause each following paragraph to have the same style (which looks pretty bad). These are block level styles that do not reset when using the return or enter key to create a new paragraph.

Best practice is to enter your paragraphs in CKEditor first, then select a paragraph and choose either the Intro or DropCap style from the Block Styles dropdown. 

  • Each style should only be used on the first “top” paragraph of a page, and it should only be used once.
  • These styles are optional.

Block Quote and Citation

Block Quote Help

Table Styles

Tables should only be used when you have data that needs to be stored in tabular form. CSS, not tables, should be used for layout purposes.

table with header text

Here is a sample table with the Blue Table class

Here is a sample table with a Table Gray text