RSS and feeds

YaleSites allows you to provide a summary of key information from your web site as an RSS feed. You can create links to these feeds within your site or site visitors can subscribe to your feed.

Each site an automatic RSS feed that can be found at This feed lists any page that has been checked as Promote to Front Page under Publishing options.

Configuring your RSS feed

You can create settings for all your RSS feeds by following these simple steps:

  1. Select Configuration > Web Services > RSS publishing
  2. Choose the number of items in each feed
  3. Choose how you want the content to display in the Feed content drop down (Full text, Titles or Titles plus teaser)

IMPORTANT NOTE: The date that displays in the RSS feed is the DateStamp, or the date the page/node was created. You can change the date field in the Authoring Information field to the true published date if you wish.