Rotating Header Image

The Rotating Header Image Feature is enabled when you get your site and displays the rotating image on the home page. Each image is added to the site as a separate page. You can remove or replace these images or you can add more images as desired.

Change the Existing Images

  • Filter on the Dashboard for Rotating Header Image to display the pages with the image.
  • Click on edit for each of the pages, click on the Remove button and replace the images that exist.
  • Be sure to size the images 978px × 350px before you upload them.

Adding New Images

  1. Prepare your image to be at least 978px wide and 180px tall. If you do not have an image rendering software package such as Photoshop, you can resize images using PicResize.
  2. Click on Content -> Add content -> Rotating Header Image in the toolbar.
  3. Enter the Title for the page and upload an image.
  4. Click on the Save button to save the page and publish it live.

Assign Block to a Region

The Rotating Header Image is assigned to the Site Banner region on the YaleSites Templates. If you do not want the rotating image, you can move the block to the disabled area. If you are using a different theme, the block can be assigned to the desired region. See Working with Blocks.

Feature Specifications

Content Type Fields
  • Title – title of the Rotating Header Image page (necessary to find content)
  • Header image – upload field; the image should be cropped to 978px wide by 180px. The height can be modified for your site by adjusting the field in the Content Type, however, the width must be 978px to meet the specifications of the YaleSites themes.
  • There is only one View for the Rotating Header Image feature. This View provides a Block Display that is set to rotate through the series of images for each page created with the Rotating Header Image Content Type. The FlexSlider module is used to