The following roles are available on your YaleSite. Additional roles may be created but most site administrators find this is not necessary.

  • Anonymous: Anyone who visits your site and is not logged in.
  • Administrator: Administrators have full access to the site and can perform all functions available on the YaleSite, including site performance, user management, report generation, etc.
  • Site Builder: People with this role can do everything necessary to build the site; create custom Content Types and Views, add Menus and Blocks, assign them to the various regions. The Site Builder role also has permission to change the Theme or template.
  • Editor: Editors have full permission to create and/or update all content and publish it live. They can also manage Menus, Blocks and Comments where applicable.
  • Authenticated user: Anyone with a Yale NetID who has logged into your site is considered an Authenticated user.

To add a Role, click on People > Permissions > Role. Once done you need to assign permissions so indicate the functionality allowed for that Role.