Restricting Access to Pages and Files

How to Manage Who Sees What on Your YaleSite

We’ve had a lot of requests for more information on restricting or controlling access to content. This is relatively easy to do with YaleSites using the right module combination:

Roles and People Management

YaleSites allows you to control who can edit/view content with roles. Out-of-the-box, anonymous and authenticated users (anyone with a NetID) can view your site; the Editor, Site Builder, Administrator roles all have varying degrees of access based on the permissions granted. These permissions can be customized based on a site’s needs. Read More

Restricting Access to Specific Pages or Sections

The Content Access Module gives you a way to control who can view or edit content for specific Content Types or individual pages/nodes on your site based on roles. Read More

Restricting Access to Uploaded Files

Although the Content Access Module allows you to restrict access to pages or sections of your site, this alone does not prevent someone from viewing or downloading PDFs or other files that have been uploaded to your site. In order to prevent access to files, you need to configure the Private File settings and the Content Access module. Read More

CASifying a Page

There may be times when you want to limit a page or webform to the internal Yale community. You can easily redirect someone to CAS prior to opening a page or webform using the CAS module. Read More

Password Protecting a Page/Node

Need to restrict access to a small group that includes users who are outside the Yale community? Since these users do not have NetIDs, they can’t log in or be assigned a role. In these cases, you can use the Protected Node module to create a password for distribution. Read More