People Directory - Manual Listing

Many sites want a people directory on their site, but the people they want to add do not have a NetID or the full People listing is overkill for what they are looking for. If you are interested in a lighter weight People Listing, you can create a People Directory in the following way.

Enable Modules

In order for this feature to work, you must enable the following modules:

Create the People Directory Nodequeue

  • In order to control the order of your People directory, you will need to create and configure a nodequeue. (see instructions for Nodequeue)

Import Content Types and Views

Download the attached .zip file and import that Content Types and Views (see Reusing content types and views for instructions).

Important Note: When importing Content Types, the Comments and author information is not automatically disabled. Be sure to check your Content Type by clicking on Structure > Content Types > Name of Content Type and disabling the following:

  1. Click on Comments to ensure they are turned off. 
  2. Click on Display Settings and uncheck Display author and date information.


Using CSS Injector, create a rule and add the CSS that is part of the downloaded file in the above step.