Moving to YaleSites 2016 Theme Checklist

This checklist provides additional instructions for people who are switching from the original YaleSites Themes to the 2016 themes. This transition will be easier if your site is using the original YaleSites Themes and have made minimal changes with CSS injector.  Sites with Custom themes will require additional rework based on the level of complexity. 

  • Select Theme – Enable the Yale 2016 Themes module before changing the theme itself. Then go to Appearance to enable the new YaleSites 2016 theme.
  • Configure Design Options – The Design Options Page has changed to only list the 2016 Themes. Choose the theme and accent colors based on your preferences. More about design options.
  • Adjust preconfigured styles and settings – Turn off all CSS Injector rules and adjust menu settings (some default pages will show up on menu).
  • Adjust Thumbnail Image Sizes – Thumbnail images sizes have changed for the 2016 themes. The defaults must be overridden for all thumbnails to eliminate and prevent fuzzy, distorted images. More about adjusting thumbnail images.
  • YaleSites 2016 Theme Regions – The Preface and Postscript Regions are now exposed and available on every page. These Regions have specific purposes and should follow some simple guidelines to assure the integrity of the Theme design is maintained. More about theme regions.
  • Secondary Menu – The Secondary Menu replaces the Banner menu and is displayed in the Topper Second Region. More about the secondary menu.
  • Correct Use of Sidebars – Some changes to the sidebars might require some adjustments on sites using the current YaleSites Themes.  Sidebar First (left) should be the only be used to display submenus (Menu Block).  All other Blocks should be added to the Sidebar Second (right).   More about sidebars.
  • Block Styles – In addition to the Accent colors chosen from the Design Options page, you can add classes to Blocks to remove the accent color or change it based on your site needs. More about block styles.
  • New Text Styles – Table styles, Block Quote, Citation, Drop Cap have been added to help enhance and customize the look of your site. More about text styles.