Migrating Content from One Site to Another

We get a lot of questions asking how to migrate data from a D6 YaleSites to D7 or from other web formats (HTML or other CMS). At this time, there is no direct method to migrate content, however, much of the data can be migrated using the Feeds Module. With a little preparation, this process can provide a relatively painless way to facilitate moving the content from one location to the other.

Feeds Module pulls data from a feed or file into a Content Type with fields that match data structure being imported.  When configuring the Feeds module, the fields are mapped so the data is available in the correct fields the field names in the file are mapped to the fields in the Content Type.

**Important Note: some of the techniques in this tutorial require advanced knowledge i.e. creating Custom Content TypesViews, Excel Macros etc. 

Real World Example

You have a page that lists the department names, chairs, phone and fax numbers. You will need a comma delaminated text file and Content Type with those fields. The Content Type needs to be structured with the same fields as the data that is being imported.

The text file would be structured like this:

  • department,chair,phone,fax.

The Content Type would require the following fields:

  • Department
  • Chair
  • Phone
  • FAX